Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to Find Correct Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding celebration can be quite demanding and requires a lot of effort from everyone involved in the planning process. A number of arrangements are needed for a wedding and sometimes managing all this becomes a little difficult. Since wedding is one in a lifetime event, it is very important for a couple that everything should go perfectly on their special day. Therefore, these days many couples prefer to hire a wedding planner.

A Wedding Planner is an individual who plans and organizes weddings for people. The planner is responsible for all the services and materials required for the wedding event. The wedding planner also has the responsibility of negotiating contracts with companies who provide supplies for the wedding celebration. A wedding planner is an individual who ensures that your wedding is planned smoothly and you don’t face any hassles.

All wedding planners do not offer you all services; you should check for services you want and decide accordingly. There are few who offer you with design services and few offer you with logistics for the party. Some may be theme oriented for the party and some may be detail oriented, so you need to be very clear what kind of planner you are looking for.

You should look for a wedding planner who can handle complete end to end planning starting from design to coordinating the logistics. You wedding planner should be able to design your wedding depending on your thoughts, should meet and hire vendors for catering etc. He/she should be able to guide you on the entire wedding planners taking care of small details simultaneously.

You can also think of hiring wedding planners who can design the whole event for you. In this kind of arrangement, logistics and budget are your problem and the planner will only be responsible for designing the invites, decorations for the church and the last but not the least return gifts for the invited guests. He should be the one who is able to convert your dream into a reality based on your vision, taste and style.

Hiring them is a good idea when you are sure that you have everything else under control except for a unique idea or a concept. But these kinds of planners are only suitable for people who can take care of organizing all other stuff on their own

Similarly, if you are sure of the execution part of the wedding, you should go to a part-time wedding planner who will be able to make a blueprint for your wedding and charge you only as per the time spent by him and will charge only an hourly rate or a flat fee for each requested service.

You can also hire a wedding coordinator instead of a wedding planner for your wedding day.  You can introduce the coordinator to all your vendors, he can coordinate the event, and ensure that everything goes off smoothly on your wedding day and they charge a flat fee for their service.


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