Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Save Money by Planning Your Wedding

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Plan your Wedding

Wedding is one event which can cost you a lot because the expenses involved in the celebration are huge. And couples do not want to go for cost cutting when it comes to planning their special day. Every couple wants to have a dream wedding on their special day and want the day to be perfect. But, everyone knows how expensive weddings can be and if you are actually planning a beautiful honeymoon ahead, you should definitely try and save money instead of expanding your wallet.

You need to plan your wedding in advance and prepare your budget for everything so that you are relaxed on your special day. You might need to save money at various places and actually squeeze your wallet. This article will help you in this regard by giving you some tips to save money and plan everything for your wedding within your budget.

A large part of your wedding budget is definitely occupied by wedding cake. Your wedding cake will definitely cost you a lot only if you are planning a multi-tier cake instead of a plain vanilla cake. So, one idea will be to get a faux cake which can serve as your dream cake. Faux cake looks exactly the same in shape and size as a cake made up of actual ingredients. In this cake, only one layer is made up of actual ingredients and all other layers are made up of Styrofoam. You can be absolutely confident that your guests will not be able to identify the difference between the two.

Another idea which can really help you save money is to buy a lot of your wedding things in off season rather than peak wedding season when these things are a lot in demand. One such example is flowers which cost huge during peak season. So, I would suggest that you decide on your shopping plan accordingly. You should also look for shopping during sale/discount season in order to get all your things at affordable prices.

Another very simple thing that you can follow is to select a weekday for your wedding. Generally, people chose weekends for their wedding so that it is easier for their guests to attend their wedding. But these are definitely the costliest days of the week. You can save choose any weekdays instead for your wedding in order to save at least 30-40% on your wedding.

Another idea which can really help you save a lot of money is to borrow a lot of wedding things. I am not saying that you should borrow everything but you can always borrow some things like jewelry, necklace, earrings etc. from your mother or grandmother. You can also borrow your veil either from your mother or any of your friends who recently got married. Borrowing will not only help you to fulfill your needs but will also attach special meaning to your special day. Hopefully, these tips will help you plan your wedding within your budget.

Tips For Best Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the most important and special day in your whole life. Obviously you want to keep its memories as fresh as possible for the rest of your life. This is the reason why all couples look for the best wedding photographers and videographers for the most precious day of their lives. Because it is the dream of every girl to be the most beautiful bride and relish its memories, it is very important to hire a wedding photographer who is experienced and talented, so that you can get the best pictures of your wedding.

Everyone expects the most beautiful pictures from their wedding to show them to their friends, family members, relatives and after sometime to their children and grandchildren. While looking for the wedding photographer, you should first make sure that what type of wedding photography, you are expecting. The photographers are specialized according to the venues of the wedding also. So, before hiring a wedding photographer, decide a venue for your wedding and choose a photographer who is suitable for your needs.

After hiring a wedding photographer, sit with your photographer and introduce him to the important members of your family to familiarize him with the people who you need to be photographed. You can also discuss about decorations with him, around which, more beautiful pictures can be clicked. This will help you to decrease the on time rush on your wedding day. Also, ask your photographer to take the shots from different views so that a wide variety of pictures gets clicked. Do not hesitate to get closer to the photographer; after all it’s about your wedding, the most special day of your life. You can also instruct the photographer to take good photographs of only the enlisted members as it is very time taking and difficult to make everyone pose and click a good photo.

Always keep in mind that there could be some situations, which are not under your control. Let it be weather or any circumstance if you are having an outdoor venue for your wedding. So, also give prior information to the photographer that he should also be prepared for these kinds of situations to avoid any problems and unwanted situations.

Now days, it is a trend to buy a digital cameras and become a photographer. But, make sure you hire a person who is well qualified for the wedding photography and experienced too. Professional companies and production houses are there, who will provide you with all the basic needs that you need for a wedding. If you are booking wedding photographer, videographer and wedding Dj from the same company, they also offer heavy discounts along with the quality of work. 

You will not regret the decision of hiring a professional wedding photographer or a production house for all these services. Your wedding is the most important lifetime event, which you will surely need to relish afterwards. So, hire the best wedding photographer and make this day most memorable.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to Find Correct Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding celebration can be quite demanding and requires a lot of effort from everyone involved in the planning process. A number of arrangements are needed for a wedding and sometimes managing all this becomes a little difficult. Since wedding is one in a lifetime event, it is very important for a couple that everything should go perfectly on their special day. Therefore, these days many couples prefer to hire a wedding planner.

A Wedding Planner is an individual who plans and organizes weddings for people. The planner is responsible for all the services and materials required for the wedding event. The wedding planner also has the responsibility of negotiating contracts with companies who provide supplies for the wedding celebration. A wedding planner is an individual who ensures that your wedding is planned smoothly and you don’t face any hassles.

All wedding planners do not offer you all services; you should check for services you want and decide accordingly. There are few who offer you with design services and few offer you with logistics for the party. Some may be theme oriented for the party and some may be detail oriented, so you need to be very clear what kind of planner you are looking for.

You should look for a wedding planner who can handle complete end to end planning starting from design to coordinating the logistics. You wedding planner should be able to design your wedding depending on your thoughts, should meet and hire vendors for catering etc. He/she should be able to guide you on the entire wedding planners taking care of small details simultaneously.

You can also think of hiring wedding planners who can design the whole event for you. In this kind of arrangement, logistics and budget are your problem and the planner will only be responsible for designing the invites, decorations for the church and the last but not the least return gifts for the invited guests. He should be the one who is able to convert your dream into a reality based on your vision, taste and style.

Hiring them is a good idea when you are sure that you have everything else under control except for a unique idea or a concept. But these kinds of planners are only suitable for people who can take care of organizing all other stuff on their own

Similarly, if you are sure of the execution part of the wedding, you should go to a part-time wedding planner who will be able to make a blueprint for your wedding and charge you only as per the time spent by him and will charge only an hourly rate or a flat fee for each requested service.

You can also hire a wedding coordinator instead of a wedding planner for your wedding day.  You can introduce the coordinator to all your vendors, he can coordinate the event, and ensure that everything goes off smoothly on your wedding day and they charge a flat fee for their service.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dream Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a tedious task but it is a lot of fun when you have a lot of time, talent and plenty budgets for that. You can hire a wedding planner who can get you all the new and current ideas but it will also have a hidden dissatisfaction for you since you won’t be able to plan your wedding yourself. A number of people prefer to hire professional wedding planners since they need their special day to be stunning for everyone. Everybody wants to have a flawless wedding plan for them. This article will just give you some tips for wedding planning so you can organize your wedding conveniently.

Budget is one of the most important things in wedding planning. There will be times when you will have many ideas in your mind but it will not be able to execute all of them because of the budget constraint. You should definitely start saving for your wedding if you are planning to have a dream wedding. Start browsing on the internet; enquire the market price of different things used in the wedding, compare prices and chose suitable vendors accordingly.

Apart from an adequate budget, you will also require enough time to plan your wedding in a perfect manner. You should start making plans and arrangements for your wedding months in advance. You should also start spreading the word around so that the guests will be able to make their travel arrangements in advance.

If you want your wedding to be a marvelous event, you should also think about the theme you want for your event so that the guests will also have the memory of the event etched in their minds. So try to have an exclusive and a different theme for your wedding celebration. A number of people spend a lot of time on coming up with a suitable theme but just remember the theme should always be kept smile and suitable for people from all age groups. You should also finalize and book the venue for your wedding well in advance if you are planning an outdoor event and you should also look for provisions in case of emergency and contingent weather conditions.

You should send your wedding cards to invitees’ at least a week in advance and especially to guests who plan to come from out of town. Try to send the cards three to four weeks in advance which will give adequate time to the guests to make their travel arrangements. Also, get a few extra cards printed which can be used in emergency.

Last but not the least; finalize the souvenirs you want to give to your guests at the end of the event. These gifts may not be expensive but should be such that the memory of the event is etched in the memory of guests forever. Generally, scented candles are very common wedding souvenirs, so you can also look for exquisitely designed beautiful candles for your guests.

Wedding DJ Within Your Budget

Wedding is one of the most significant events in everyone’s life, particularly for women. Since this is a special day, majority of people spend money than they generally would not do for on any other event. Hiring a DJ for the wedding celebration is one of those many important things. If you are able to hire a good DJ for your wedding, you will be assured that everyone will have the time of their life; be it the married couple or their guests.

A disk jockey (DJ) is an individual who is responsible for all the music at a particular event. They generally play, fade and remix music instantaneously, suited for to the tastes of the audience in the event. But a wedding DJ is hired so that he can take care of all the arrangements of music and sounds on the wedding day. Starting from the time guests take their seats to the time they leave, wedding DJ ensures that the evening is full of joy and music.

Signing a good wedding DJ for your most memorable event is one of the most important tasks in the arrangements. The DJ you pick will be actually the host of different ceremonies in your wedding reception. He/She will also make announcements for the party along with selecting the appropriate music, managing with Photographers, Videographers and other staff in order to keep the entire event on schedule. Additionally, he/she is the key motivator for the party who will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves and continue dancing and celebrating. So yes, hiring a DJ is very critical.

There are a number of things that a DJ should take care of when playing music in the party. He/She should ensure that while switching from one music track to another, there are commonly gaps when no sound is played. This leads to a break in the momentum of attendees, particularly during a dance session. Therefore, only the best DJ will be able to ensure to play music continuously without any breaks.

Planning and organizing a wedding celebration can be difficult and time consuming. The last thing you want is an unprofessional DJ, one who does not have a diversity of wedding songs at their disposal. Wedding DJ know the wedding celebration inside and out. Even an amateur DJ can play songs requested by guests but only the best DJ knows about songs which will be appreciated by all in the event.

Everything on your special days should go absolutely perfectly. You will hire the best flowers and all other arrangements but it is also important to hire the right musical entertainment. You should plan a proper budget for the DJ service. So find a wedding DJ Service that will offer you with an entertainment package suiting your party specially. A suitable DJ service will ensure that you get your money’s worth, would play songs suiting the tastes of people of all age groups in the party and make the event memorable for everyone.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wedding Memories And Videography

Professionals can make your wedding more successful as well as more fun. Since, wedding is a lifetime experience, every couple wants to keep those precious moments captured in good photographs and videos, so that they can relive those moments while they are seeing the videos of their wedding. Wedding videography and photography plays very important role in every wedding. So many couples invest huge amount of money for hiring professional wedding photographers and it is worth too. A professional, experiences and talented photographer will make the videos in such a way so that you can cherish each and every moment for years after your wedding.

Let us have a look on some benefits that you will have once you hire professional wedding videographer-

Latest and Best equipments - The professional wedding videographers are equipped with the latest cameras and video recorders. The latest technology that has been used to make these cameras and equipments will help you to have the excellent wedding videos. These latest equipments also help to edit the videos which will help you to have the best wedding video.
Experience- a professional wedding videographer will have a keen knowledge about techniques, poses, styles and angles. From which the best view for the videos can be captured. Also, their expertise and experience allows them to manage and correct faults, if present. He will be able to make out the moments that should have more attention and edit those which are not required to give you an appropriate wedding video.

New and Brilliant Ideas - creativity and imagination are two key elements that can make your wedding videos more beautiful. There are a lot of new ideas and methods which can make your wedding more beautiful and flawless. You can sit with your wedding videographer and discuss all the options and ideas that are available before selecting any one of them. You can also see some sample videos so that you can assess the skills of the videographer before hiring him.

So, when you are having a professional wedding videographer, you don’t have to worry about the small details and you can remain tension free to enjoy your wedding. All that you should do is discuss everything with your videographer and tell him every small thing that you want in your wedding videos. It is his headache to provide you with the best wedding videos with every detail you wanted so that you can enjoy your wedding years after by just watching your wedding videos.

But, most important before hiring any wedding videographer, you should always set a budget that you can afford and then talk to the wedding videographer afterwards. If you will tell the videographer your budget prior to the discussion, he will help you to explore all the ideas that lie within your budget. You can also read the reviews about various wedding videographers on their professional websites and then decide accordingly. You will definitely not regret the decision of hiring a professional wedding videographer.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hire The Best Wedding Photographer

Wedding is the most awaited event of your life and your fondest dream. This is going to be a day, when you will be united with the person you love most. Your wedding is just a new start of your new life with lots of new expectations and promises. Wedding is one event which you want to remember the rest of your life. For remembering this event, you should have the best photographs, so that you can cherish the most beautiful moments of your life. To keep those memories fresh all your life, you need a good photographer, who will capture you and your life partner in the best moods and make those pictures beautiful.

To capture each and every candid moment with those feelings of love and romance on your wedding day is an art. Wedding photography is very interesting and colourful if a good photographer is appointed. It is the most important factor to find a good photographer in order to have the best wedding pictures of you two together. People nowadays are very much particular about their weddings, they are hiring professional wedding photographers even with the high prices charged by them.

You can keep your wedding special for the rest of your life for yourself and for your close relatives too. Organising big wedding ceremonies is the main aim of some families. But, what if it is not easily captured in your cameras and you don’t have those locations in pictures. Great locations are also a cherry on the cake, when you are considering wedding photography. A proficient photographer will make an ordinary looking location, a beautiful one, when he is going to capture the pictures in that location. This is not the experience, it is an art. When you get a photographer who has a combination of art and experience both, the result is the best wedding photographs.

There are various companies and production houses which can offer different packages for people with different amount of budgets. Also, if you buy the nest packages, you can hire these companies or all the services that are needed in a wedding. These services include Dj services, music, videography and photography. The team working on your wedding has coordination between them and thus, they can offer the best results for you. It is better to hire a production house for all these services rather than hiring an individual photographer. But, if you cannot afford to hire all these services in your wedding, you can still hire just a wedding photographer from that production house.

Even after years, when you will grow older, you will always have those awesome pictures of the most beautiful day of your life. You can show these pictures to your new friends, to your children and your grandchildren also. So, to cherish these moments for ever, to create these memories all you have to do is hire the best wedding photographer and make the most important day of your life special and memorable.